When running faster and faster keeps us in the same place

July 2021

The Sword of Damocles and equity investing
The successor to the internet
Geopolitics and Cyber, ML Compute, & Intangible Value Investing

April 2021

By 2030 we won’t ask why traditional banks are gone, we will wonder why they hadn’t disappeared years ago.

March 2021

Taking a market temperature check with Google Trends

February 2021

Imagine if the demand aggregators of today aggregated... everything.
Damn it feels good to be a platform.

January 2021

Part 3 of my investing mental models

November 2020

How I invest part 2: Investment moats and where to find them.
Learning from some of the best minds in business about what long term compounders of capital look like. Part 1 is on Peter Thiel's lecture "Competition…

July 2020

Social media is disintermediating legacy media, debundling individuals from organizations, and capturing the new value this provides more efficiently…