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Here at Prdctnomics we are studying the formula that creates great businesses. If you want to understand what separates a bad business model from a great one, what competitive advantage really looks like, and how to build businesses that everyone wants to invest in you’re in the right spot.

Thus far we’ve covered how we look at investing, and some thoughts on social media eating the world, but going forward we are going to apply that foundational understanding of business to building. Building could be anything from VC backed companies looking to break 1B+ in valuation to micro-SaaS companies targeting neglected verticals. With some hard work and the leverage the internet provides we believe anybody can become wealthy and we want to aggregate some of the smartest thinkers who have already “made it” to learn how to build like them.

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Studying the process that creates great products, effective product managers, and a cycle of success for users. PM in big tech, former founder, and investor.