Briefing: Google Trends

Taking a market temperature check with Google Trends

Taking a market temperature check with Google Trends

Google Trends for Sentiment in 1 minute

Google trends can be used to look at relative search volumes over different time frames and within different regions. Since Google Trends can show when interest is increasing in a given topic we can use it as a tool to examine mimetic behavior. Drill downs into related search terms are simple to perform and Google gives the options of pivoting on top related terms as well as most recent rising terms. Here we will use Google Trends to look at the amount of interest and where the interest is originating geographically for stocks, cryptocurrency, bonds, decentralized finance, non-fungible tokens, and startups. Data from Google Trends will be presented to the extent possible without interpretation. 

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The Data: Stocks and Cryptocurrency

Interest in search terms over time (5 Years)

Google searches globally for “buy stocks” and related terms surged in March of last year and again at the end of January 2021. Bitcoin interest had surged in December 2017.

Aggregate view (high volume regions only) (12 Months)

Aggregate view (including low volume regions) (12 Months)

Top regions and cities for searches for “buy stocks” and related queries (12 Months)

Top regions and cities for searches for “buy bitcoin” and related queries (12 Months)

Related to “Buy Stocks” - Rising last 7 days

The Data: Gold

United States (5 Years)

Worldwide (5 Years)

The Data: Bonds

The Data: Defi, NFT

The Data: Startups

Another tool in the kit

Google Trends is an interesting and under utilized tool for discovering where and how people are imitating each other which has implications for businesses and investing. The above has shown a couple ways to use it to ask questions and derive insights. What trends do you find useful? Leave a comment below.

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